Where does time go??

I was checking my last blogging date and I couldn't believe that it was almost two months since I have last blogged! Crazy how time flies! I did finish all my organizing projects while the family was away. They were quite happy to see all their "ducks" in a row. (Or should I say, their drawers, clothes hanging in the closet, dresser tops so clean and organized) You're probably wondering if they are still that way now that two months have passed.  I can honestly say "YES". Of course, with a little weekly maintenance from the "Organizing Ninja". The work has paid off.

My daughters and I have determined what clothes they haven't worn in the two months and that's not because the seasons have changed. We live in Seattle, summer won't be here until after the 4th of July. We were able to get rid of camis that they thought they would wear some day and haven't worn during this time. (I secretly put rubber bands around the ones I haven't seen in the laundry for a few weeks, and that proved my point when the day of judgement arrived. Ha!) I love it when that happens.

The past two months have gone so fast, we have sent our oldest daughter on a 18 month LDS mission to Brazil. Before she left, she again attempted to go through the bins that had her name labeled on the front. After spending full day of reminiscing she realized that half of the stuff she had saved she really didn't need anymore.  She downsized to two bins labeled with her name on them, and off she went with two suitcases for her new life in Brazil. That really makes one realize what it is that is REALLY needed.

I've made it through the Senior finals and ready to see my next daughter graduate from high school. She's already telling me not to put her stuff in a bin when she heads to BYU-Idaho, she will return in December for three months. Darn! I was hoping to convert her room into an exercise room. Ha!

I started a new list of to-do's and with Spring approaching I got busy with new and existing clients wanting to get organized before a moving date or summer's arrival. My list waited, client's projects were finished, and I started on MY list. Well, as life has it, my hand was injured and I haven't been able to do too much for the past week. But in situations like this you learn great lessons in delegation and prioritizing.

When unplanned things happen in  your life you need to ask yourself, "What is the most important thing I need to accomplish?" When you answer your question, you realize that not many of those "to-do's" were that important and most can be delegated to loving friends and family that ask what they can do to help. It's called eating some "humble pie" and letting others help you!

So while I'm sitting here at my computer thankful that I can type, a little slower than usual, I realize that it is a good thing to be organized before you happen upon life's little set backs, because that order and simplicity helps in times like this.

I'm sure Spring has hit in most parts of the world, so start with the little baby steps of getting organized. While you're getting out your Spring wardrobe and putting away the winter, stop and look at those articles of clothing that you don't remember wearing and give it to someone that may be able to next winter. Get ready to have the kids home for the summer, organize summer chores, activities, easy and quick meals to eat on a busy, hot summer's day. The best advice I was given as a young mother was to enjoy the Spring, don't worry about Spring cleaning because the kids will be home all summer and will mess it up, save it for Fall when they are back in school. Have fun with your kids, family vacations, build memories, not clutter!

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Garden of Egan said...

I enjoy your blog! You amaze me with your ability to stay organized.
Missing an update. I sorta depend on you to motivate me.