Baby Steps

The first step in organizing your home is DESIRE. If you have no desire you won't do it!

Second, start one room at a time and remove anything thing that doesn't belong there, i.e., lawnmower in bedroom, wrench in the nursery. Ha, you know what I mean!

Third, obtain 3 boxes for sorting and title them:

1. Things that belong in another room.
2. Give away/garage sale box.
3. Not sure of. (Let it sit a month and if you don't use it,put in box #2 or )

Now the fun begins!

While you're sitting there in front of your "project" sorting, ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. Do I really need this?
2. How long has been since it's been used?
3. Do I need so many?

Think "Out of sight, out of mind", not "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Then ask yourself how did these things get here, let's look at the questions perhaps not asked before bringing these little projects home.

1. Where am I going to put it? (When purchasing something.)
2. Do I really need this? ( Perhaps borrow that pasta maker before purchasing it.)
3. What can I do without? What do I really need? ( Keep a list of things you'd like to buy then decide what can you live without.)
4. Why did I say "Sure I'd love to have that!".( Learn to say,"No thanks!" when your mother- in-law is trying to clean out her house.)
5. Is this item time consuming to maintain? If yes, is it worth it to me to spend that time.

Now you have things that you NEED, right?....Let's organize those items.

Group and store items together, i.e., books, tapes, suitcases etc..
1. Use drawer dividers
2. Use Rubbermaid bins, Ziploc bags, boxes etc.
I suggest using temporary containers until you know those items are definitely keepers.

Things to keep in mind when organizing:
1. Store things where you use them
2. Have a trash can in every room.
3. Be motion minded. Delete steps, i.e. have cleaning items upstairs and downstairs.

The more steps it takes to complete the task the less success you will have! This really applies to children. (No lid on the dirty clothes hamper)