Where is the month of May going?

Hello Everyone! May is flying by. I think next to November and December, May is one of the busier months. Graduations, weddings, end of school year activities, you name it, everyone seems to be busy.
I went to the stationary store yesterday and stocked up on graduation cards. I usually am so organized that I purchase one generic "high school" graduate gift and then I'm finished with the gift purchasing. I'm realizing that teenagers would rather get a check in the mail and spend it how they want. I'm fine with that, it's easier for me and I'm all for easy! I probably don't even need to put the check in a card,just wrap it in recycled paper and be done with it. Ha! We know they all go for the money and don't read the card. Perhaps their mothers read the card and then put your name on a "Write Thank You Cards" list. Yes, I still make my kids sit down and write thank you cards and no emails can be sent, just the good old handwritten notes.

I have been working on my garden this month and have not posted on my blog. I apologize, when we get a sunny day in Seattle it must be taken advantage of for we can't be guaranteed it will be back the next day.

Here are photos of my garden project. Our garden is on a friend's property and they have been gracious enough to let our family and two others garden together. Of course, I'm in charge of organizing the watering and weeding schedule. It's a great opportunity to teach your children the value of hard work and healthy eating.