Where is January going?

January is flying by.We've had some wonderful news in our family, my oldest daughter is going to be serving an 18 month mission for our church, in Brazil. Preparing all the paperwork for her VISA kept me pretty busy! I do have to say that we were able to get it done in 6 days, and I contribute that to my organized files...it makes tasks like this so much easier!

I left you hanging in December with the Pantry organizing...I'm working on the next,  "In My Kitchen" organizing post. I'll concentrate on the next area, the Spice cabinet. There is really a lot to know about spices, like how do  you know the 25 year old tumeric is still good?! Believe me, I have come across items in people's spice cabinets older than me.

I'll be posting this information next week.........until then keep up the good work on your New Year's resolutions! (I'm hoping it is to be more organized!)