At What Age Can My Kids Help At Home?

Here is a chart that I have found helpful when helping moms

get their kids' chores organized.

The numbers in "( )"'s are the ages.... I'm sure some digress, especially when they become husbands. HA, HA!

Clothing Care Skills Basic

Spot removal--blood, oil, coffee, tea, soda, etc. (12-18)

Operate electric clothes dryer (9-16)

Polish shoes (8-18)

Clean own closet (6-16)

Put away clean clothes (5-9)

Clean own drawers (6-16)

Shop for clothing (11-18)

Empty hamper, put dirty clothes in wash area (4-8)

Simple mending--buttons and holes (12-17)

Fold clothes neatly, without wrinkles (8-16)

Simple sewing (12-18)

Fold, separate clean laundry (8-16)

Sort clothes by color, dirt, fabric content (8-18)

Hand-wash lingerie or woolens (12-18)

Wash clothes in machine (9-16)

Hang clothes for sun drying (8-16)

Iron clothing (12-18)

Personal Care Skills

Arrange for own haircut (10-16)

Pick up toys (2-6)

Brush teeth (2-5)

Purchase own grooming supplies (11-18)

Clean, trim nails (5-10)

Put pajamas away (2-4)

Comb hair (2-5)Tidy up bedroom (2-8)

Dress self (3-6)

Undress self (2-4)

Leave bathroom neat after use (6-10)

Wash and dry own hair (7-10)

Make own bed (3-7)

Wash face, hands (2-5)

Cooking Skills

Bake a cake from a mix (10-14)

Make a sandwich (6-12)

Bake bread (12-17)

Make casserole (14-18)

Bake cookies (10-16)

Make fruit salad (13-15)

Bake muffins, biscuits (11-17)

Make gelatin (7-12)

Boil eggs (7-13)

Make hot beverages (12-16)

Broil a steak (12-16)

Make punch (6-9)

Make tossed salad (11-15)

Clean frost-free refrigerator (12-18)

Measure properly (7-14)

Clean oven and stove (15-18)

Mix pancakes (10-17)

Pack a cold lunch (7-12)

Cook canned soup (7-12)

Plan and shop for groceries for a week (15-18)

Cook frozen, canned vegetables (10-13)

Plan balanced meal (10-15)

Defrost refrigerator or freezer (15-18)

Put groceries away (6-16)

Distinguish between good and spoiled foods (10-18)

Read a recipe (7-12)

Read ingredient labels wisely (10-15)

Scramble eggs (9-13)

Know basic food groups and nutrition (5-14)

Select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables (10-18)

Household Skills

Change bed linens (10-13)

Replace faucet washer (15-18)

Change vacuum belt and bag (12-15)

Replace light bulbs, understand wattage (10-15)

Clean bathroom tile (14-18)

Scour sink and tub (5-12)

Clean bathroom total (6-12)

Scrub down walls (14-18)

Clean combs and brushes (4-8)

Scrub or mop floor (6-13)

Clean fireplace (10-15)

Set table (3-7)

Clean pet cages and bowls (7-13)

Shake area rugs (4-8)

Clean toilet (5-8)

Spot-clean walls (4-12)

Clean TV screen and mirrors (4-8)

Sweep porches, patios, walks (4-10)

Clear off own place at table (2-5)

Take written telephone messages (7-12)

Clear table (3-13)

Trim trees, shrubs (12-18)

Dust furniture (3-12)

Unstop a drain with chemicals or plunger (13-18)

Empty dishwasher and put dishes away (4-1 2)

Use broom, dust-pan (8-12)

Empty wastebaskets (4-10)

Use vacuum cleaner (7-12)

Feed pets (5-10)

Fold blankets neatly (8-14)

Vacuum upholstery and drapes (8-14)

Wash and dry dishes by hand (6-12)

Know differences and uses of various household cleaners (4-14)

Wash car (8-16)

Wash windows (13-18)

Load and turn on dishwasher (6-12)

Water grass (8-14)

Mow lawn (12-16)

Water house plants (8-14)

Oil squeaky door (12-18)

Pick up trash in yard (4-10)

Weed garden (9-13) )

Wipe off chairs (6-11)

Wipe off door frames (4-12)

Wipe up a spill (3-10)

Polish wood furniture (14-18)


Josie said...

wow- thats a great list! I will have to remember that one!

The Faithful Girl said...

Wow--This is great!! my husband and I have been discussing when the appropriate ages are for our kids to do things. I'm printing this off right now. (By the way, I found your blog on MMB and I love it)

Cynthia said...

This is a great list. Thanks! I've been teaching my 8 year old daughter to do laundry and fold. Looks like we're on track for some things and that I need to expect more out of them for the others.

Perhaps if I visit your blog more often the organization will rub off. Then again, probably not. I know how to organize (heck my craft room was in a National magazine because it appeared so organized) I just can't maintain the organization. I'm ADD. There's no fixin' it but I do the best I can stand to do. And of course my hubs is and organized, OCP type. Poor guy, it can't be easy for his structured mind to live with my chaotic one.

Shandra said...

I would change the age on putting away clean clothes actually. Other than that, it's a great list. I put picture labels on my kids' drawers and they love to put away their own clothes now! It makes laundry soooo much easier for me. They don't always do it consistently and I have to realize that it won't be done perfectly, but it's good for them to learn. Thanks for the list!

Shandra said...

Ha! I forgot to say that my kids are two and three!

Anonymous said...

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