Where Did 2012 Go? I can tell you....

The year 2012 was filled with many life changing events. My oldest daughter returned from Brazil after serving an LDS mission for 18 months, my second daughter got engaged in April and married in August, then my oldest daughter got engaged in September and married January 5th, 2013. Phew...that's where 2012 went and our pocketbook (does anyone ever use that word anymore?!) with it! Ha!

I could have gone crazy, being the organized, control freak that I am, however, I learned some valuable lessons during the wedding planning process.  I wish I would have known these earlier in my life, it would have helped with any event...even planning your children's birthday parties.

First, the event is their memory, not yours. During the wedding planning I had to remind myself of this when some decisions were made by my daughters that I necessarily wouldn't have agreed with. Over the years, raising 3 daughters, I have to admit I planned what I'd like for their weddings. As soon as I realized it wasn't MY wedding and not MY memories, I learned to let go and let them plan as they wanted. I think I practiced this once in my younger years when I let my son plan his 9 year old birthday party. He didn't want a fun, party themed cake, he wanted a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. He won out and it was a success! And continues to be a birthday tradition for him.

Second, I learned that nothing in the wedding planning was a reflection of me. That was a difficult one! Just like having someone walk into your home and see your child's messy bedroom. It's not a reflection on YOU! I whispered this mantra many times to myself and it worked.

Nothing will ever go perfectly, no one told us there would be scaffolding, but oh well, it was still a beautiful day! And the biggest reward is two new sons-in-law!

Mt. Timpanogos, UT
 Sacramento, CA

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Angela said...

It was so fun to read your post. I'll try to remember your insights when I am planning my own daughter's weddings.