Mi Casa Es Su Casa........

While I was working with a client she asked if I lived as organized as I was making her...ha! I don't expect anyone to live as organized as I do, they'd have to be crazy! I'm just lucky that I get to use my obsession as a business, like a person that loves to cook, being a chef.

Many people have asked me to post my personal organizing systems from my home, on my blog. I guess that would encourage more people visiting my blog and maybe a few creepy blog stalkers, but hey I'm willing to share as long as I don't have a blog stalker knocking at my front door.
So my next post will be.........uhm, I'll leave that as a surprise!

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Julie said...

I have been slowly getting things organized! Of course as soon as I get the bulk of it done...it's time to start at the beginning! I'm sure that's a normal thing for those of us without the OCD gene!