Day Three of Whole House Cleaning and Organizing

Today after getting my massage...I know I'm suppose to relax, eat bon-bons and watch a movie...I just couldn't, time is of the essence. I began cleaning and going through the kids' bathroom cabinets.
  • Checking expirations dates on items in the medicine cabinet.
  • Inspecting the hairbrushes, and throwing them in the wash machine for a good cleaning.
  • Making lists of  "need to purchase" items, hairbands that are on their last leg, ready to snap and put an eye out, make up used down to the nubbins, dental floss, etc...
  • Looking over the towels in the linen cabinet, tossing mascara ridden washcloths. You can purchase a stack of washcloths at Costco or Target for a few dollars. I use to take worn towels and cut them into washcloth mits and sew them together. It was easy for my little ones to wash with a mit than to hold a big wash cloth.
  • I counted beach towels, getting ready for Summer...in my dreams.
  • Stocked up on TP in the bathroom cabinet
  • Ended with a quick clean and left the bathroom shiny and decluttered!
  • Then headed to the store to buy the items on my list.
  • Put a pork roast in the crock pot to make BBQ pork sandwiches for a family having a baby this week. A good excuse to have a real dinner for myself. I hate cooking when no one is home to eat it!
I recieved a text from one of my daughters asking if I had thrown away her stuff. Are they reading my blog?! I doubt it, they just know their mother all too well. He, he,  he!
Well, I'm making a list of what I can do tomorrow. I'm starting the day of with a little service, watching my friends' children for a few hours, I wonder if she knows she's inviting the "Ninja Organizer" over to her house?!

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{Brittany} said...

I was so happy to find your blog through Mormon Mommy Blogs. I love organizing as well. Your blog header is too dang cute! I could peruse your blog for hours. Thanks for sharing.