A Quick Organizing Tip....from my house (car) to yours.

For those of you that have teenage drivers, this is a great tip, in case your teen every needs to find the insurance card and registration. (I hope they never do!)

This is a photo of my glove compartment in my car. I placed a clear adhesive label pocket, credit card size, onto the front of the compartment door and that is where the insurance card is stored. I also have a colored envelope with "Car Registration" written, in big letters, on the envelope in the glove compartment.

These label pockets are also great to stick on bins and place the label inside. When the contents change, you can change the label. The label stays clear and dry.   You can purchase the labels online at  www.allbrightideas.com.


Heather said...

Where did you buy the clear plastic label covers??

Caren with a "C" said...

Great idea for the glovebox! I think I will do that even though I have a few years to go before teenage drivers yet!

Michaela Stephens said...

Very, very clever.