The New Year's Goal....Get More Organized!

Happy New Year!
It's that time again to set new year's resolutions and "get more organized" is bound to be on every one's list this year. Except mine...he, he,he, I couldn't resist!

Just remember when you set that new year's resolution to be more organized, take it easy on yourself. Define what being organized means to you. Keep it simple.

Many times when working with clients I've found that they have made that resolution to be more organized and they buy some new product that is going to make them more organized, like a new filing system, plastic bins, a fun new calendar or computer program, etc... It never fails, once they get through the "set up" process, they're too tired to continue it.

A good example of this is organizing your files. I have seen many people set up "micro managed" files only to not be a "micro" organizer. The typed labels and color codes were very thrilling to start, but the work to keep everything up was overwhelming. Start with a basic filing system that is easy to keep up, for instance, instead of having a file for each credit card, have one file that's titled "Credit Card Statements". When you find success in that system over time, then you may feel the need to subcategorize the file to "VISA", "Mastercard", "Nordstrom", etc.... .

Remember "KISS" (keep it super simple) ........over time you will find more success!

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