Decorating for the holidays

This holiday season I unpacked my decorations realizing that I had purged some decorations last year and purchased new decorations. (For some of you wondering about the purge, I did save all the toilet roll and felt Santa's and the salt dough ornaments that my kids have made over the years.) I stood in front of my boxes of decorations wondering how I had decorated the previous year. (This may be a sign of getting older, ha!)
I had to think of a solution, just in case I'm more senile next year. As I decorated, I took photographs of the areas I decorated. I printed out the photos and put a number on the back of the photo that coordinates with the decorated area. When I pack up my decorations at the end of the year, I can place a number on the box that contain those decorations. Voila! Christmas 2009 will be a lot easier to decorate, unless I move in 2009.
Happy Holidays!


Julie said...

is there really a possibility that you will move in 2009??? I just can't imagine that!

Jenn G. said...

No plans right now to move, but you never know. :-)

Twinlinebackers said...

Despite your organization, you decorate the hard way. Here's my method. I drag the boxes down from the attic and tell my kids to go to it.

I am counting on my house improving a little every year but they did a pretty good job for a couple of 4 year olds!