Who Doesn't Love IKEA?!

I love using bins to organize clothing items in my closets. There are so many varieties. I usually chose the ones that do not have the label holder built in and frankly, there aren't many that do. I purchased bins two years ago and wanted to find the perfect label holder. I tried all different kinds, even some of my own creation, still not satisfied. Then, recently, I was shopping at IKEA and happened to stumble on the perfect label holder for flat edged bins! I wasn't sure if it was exactly what I thought it was, I do not speak Swedish and I'm not good at reading hyroglifics. I purchased one package and opened them as soon as I arrived home....YES! It was exactly what I had been looking for. ( I wished I had bought more for me and everyone I knew that had this same problem.)

I printed out labels using Microsoft word, voila! It looks perfect. Everyday I see them it makes me so happy! (Doesn't take much to please me, the label holders were only $3 for 10. If my husband asks any of you what I'd like for Valentine's Day... ha!)

They are called ROJA @ IKEA. (A bit of trivia, IKEA is an acronym for the founders name, Ingvar Kamprad and the farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd), and his home parish (Agunnaryd, in Smaland, South Sweden)

Here are photos of my bins and wonderful labels. (**Disclaimer, I am not a professional photographer)

I used MS Word to print my labels. I could even make the parathesis match the color of my basket.

I find that bins are great for my husband and kids. No lids to lift, no drawers to open...
a recipe for success.

 I like to fold my t-shirts in a specific way so that the T-shirt logo can be seen. My kids and husband do have a preference on which one they wear for certain activities. Who would have known?! And it looks so nice in the bin or drawer.

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