Welcome to my pantry!

As promised, here is my personal pantry. Enjoy! (Disclaimer...I'm not a professional photographer. :-)

I used scrapbook letter stickers to label my bins.

The larger labels I ordered from etsy.com, JK Designs

The white bins are great....IKEA!

Tupperware changed kitchen in the 60's, Costco has changed kitchen in the 90's and on...

Clean containers, food quality, are a great visual.

Little bins and lazy susans are great for miscellaneous items.
I don't know about you, but I have to designate a special shelf that is for school lunch supplies only.
That is the only way I can guarantee there are treats and chips left for the next days lunches. :-)

Small bins found at Container Store are nice to hold paper goods,  easy to find and reach,
 something kids always need and need it quick!

I like  to keep my potatoes and squash in a basket so that it's dry and airy.
I also have my flour and sugar 5 gallon buckets as back up for the smaller sugar and flour bins.
I find I get better success from my children refilling the smaller bins when they don't have to go out to the garage to do so. It takes up a lot of space, but the benefits outway.
Some of my favorite things....a holder for those store plastic bags. It also helps
monitor how many you can save. I use a  magazine rack from IKEA to hold my paper bags. It keeps them
up and off the floor and easy to see what sizes I have.

So that is my pantry, which us to be an area where I had a butler service (counter and shelves below and above) and a smaller pantry on the opposite of the butler service. I saw how much wasted space
there was and I had my husband close it off and make a large pantry. It's been great! It makes for a nice phone booth too when my kids are too loud and I need to talk on the phone. He, he!


The Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I love the pictures and I'm really jealous!
Would love to have something like that. It looks so spacious and like you would be ALWAYS organized.

Love the site, great to see the post.

Julie said...

I am drooling...it is fabulous! I would LOVE to have that much room!!

Debbie and Gary said...

I too love your site. I love organizing and I love getting new ideas. I have a lot of space, but the shelves go further back making it more difficult to access items. Your shelves would be the way to go.

Meeks said...

Niceeeeee! My pantry is a quarter of your size, and we have four kids also! We are using the space under the stairs to house our food storage. I know another member of our ward who does something similar, but uses a room for her storage cupboard. Whenever she needs something she sends her kids to the "shop" (aka the storage cupboard room) to go get a can or pasta etc.