Different Ways to Categorize Your DVD Collection

I let my son (10 years old)take charge of the DVD organizing and he wanted to alphabetize the DVDs. Alphabetizing works in our family because we don't purchase many DVDs, not since we subscribed to Netflix. Let them store DVDs for me! Just like the public library stores books for me.

However, frequent DVD buyers should avoid alphabetizing...it'll be a continual shuffling of DVDs.
Other suggestions from my wonderful readers:

1- The best way is to cut the DVD jackets and place them in the DVD holder. If the DVD is gone, then you'll know which one is missing.
2- Group by ratings G, PG, PG-13, etc....
3- Have separate binder for children's video's and non-children videos
4- Group by genre, i.e., Westerns, Comedy, Romance, etc...
5- Type up your DVD list on the computer for safe keeping and put all your DVDs in the binder. (I know that's not very organized, but think of all the space you're saving!)

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Simply Delightful said...

My husband and I just got rid of all the cases to our DVDs and put them in a binder similar to what you suggested. It was so hard getting rid of them for some reason, but man it sure saved a lot of space! We ended up organizing them by his movies and my movies we will see if this method works.