Little Set Backs

The best laid plans..........I had my next blog post ready to go, just needed to take the photos and sickness hits our home. First priority, sick children. It's a nice set back to be home with sick kids, you have their undivided attention! Ha! Children are well, but I caught the icky bug, another set back. In a few days we are leaving on our Spring break vacation to sunnier climates.
I thought I'd hurry and add a great website for your Spring break packing ...

Also, last week while I was sick in bed watching Oprah and Peter Walsh, Oprah mentioned that she had a coupon on her website for 25% off entire purchase at the Container Store. It's good until the 13th of April and if you don't have a store near you, you can shop online. Go to Oprah's website to print out the coupon.

Happy Spring!

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