P & S New Look

Thanks for Lee Lou's wonderful talents, I have a new blog design. Feel free to add my link to your blog, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Story behind the family in organized bins....

One evening we were entertaining two couples for dinner. One couple, knew me quite well and the other couple accepted our invite to get better acquainted with my husband and I. As I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, I over heard my good friend's husband tell the newbies, "Don't sit too long in one place in Jenn's home or you'll find yourself in a bin with your name labeled on the front."
It's totally not true....unless you stay longer than a month and don't make yourself useful! HA!

Thanks for visiting my organizing blog!


Julie said...

LOVE the new look!!

Twinlinebackers said...

I don't know - your husband looks like he's up to something. =) Ask him how his tetris game is going. Cute banner. I love the family in the bins. I love bins, baskets and labels!